Our fully qualified technicians at Centrepoint Service Centre in Athlone, specialise in repairing high mileage vehicles in any make or model.
Phone us on 09064 86412 or call in to us at Centrepoint Service, Baylough.

Centrepoint Autos – Helping You Drive Down the Cost Of Motoring

Repair Price Options

Centrepoint Autos is here to help you manage the cost of keeping your car on the road. We offer the following unique parts pricing options for any vehicle repaired at our service centre in Baylough, and can provide a flexible 4 month, 0% interest repayment option – contact us for more.

  1. Original car manufacturer parts, suitable for all vehicles but mostly for newer cars and usually more expensive. €€€€€
  2. Aftermarket -these are the same parts that the car manufacturer would supply – except they are sold under the parts manufacturer’s brand. These are usually less expensive and suitable for all cars. €€€€
  3. Remanufactured are parts rebuilt to the original manufacturer specifications using a combination of reused, repaired and new components. Comparatively inexpensive and suitable for all cars. €€€
  4. Used parts are usually the least expensive and are sourced from vehicle dismantlers right across the country. €€

Whichever option you choose we will work with you to drive down the cost of motoring. So call us today on 090 648 6412 to book your car repair with Centrepoint Autos Service Centre.